Hindi Language</br>(Grade 2 to 8)

Hindi Language
(Grade 2 to 8)

Hindi is a compulsory language in most CBSE schools. Though it is optional abroad in Middle East and GCC countries, the requirement of this language for communication is very imminent among the Indian population. Hence a lot of emphasis is given to learning this language starting from the primary grade. Since we understand that not all children learning Hindi are native Hindi speakers, our teachers are trained to patiently guide the children to fully familiarise themselves with the logic behind the language.


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  • Mr Byju

    Mr Byju

    We are happy to enroll our child of Grade 3 for Hindi with Xelenz, I liked the focused approach of teachers and the interesting way of engaging my kid with additional activities of Fitness and Personality development.
Price Free
Instructor xelenz_admin

One hour per session
Two sessions per week

Duration 10 weeks
Lectures 4
Enrolled 0 students
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