Leena L Arun

What Parents Tell About Us

There is individual attention given

Both Ayesha (Arabic) and Chhavi (Hindi) ma’ams are dedicated & committed to making sure the student has thoroughly understood the lessons and if they see that there are topics that the child is still struggling with, they will continue to re-iterate those topics until it is fully understood.

They are also open to feedback provided to them. They even assist with the worksheets and assignments provided which really takes the load off parents.

Unlike certain tuitions where there are too many students and very less individual attention and time given; with Xelenz, the approach is more of a focused one where that one hour is fully utilised and is productive to the student. There is also a lot of flexibility in adjusting the time when we have other events or commitments.

There is individual attention given, which has helped my child to grasp and apply the lessons learnt in class. Which means there is very less additional effort required from the parent’s end on a day-to-day bases especially during tests and exams.
Leena L Arun
Grade 4 Arabic & Hindi
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