Priya Sikhamani

What Parents Tell About Us

Overall Xelenz experience has been excellent. Very helpful in arranging schedules that fit ours

Sarah has been systematically learning Arabic thanks to the very kind and capable teachers she has at Xelence. When we first relocated to AbuDhabi, she found it very hard as the language was new and she had no idea what was happening at school.

Both Mr Abu Bakr and Ms Ayesha were instrumental in provided a strong foundation and helping her look forward to attending Arabic classes in school. Ms Ayesha has been very helpful in helping her with her homework and preparing her for her exams. She also helps translate passages when Sarah has difficulty understanding them. Regular tution classes help keep in touch with the subject and when we give her the topic they are studying in school, Ms Ayesha ensures that Sarah is able to understand it better.

Our overall Xelenz experience has been excellent. They have been very helpful in arranging schedules that fit ours and looking for the best way to adapt to Sarah's needs. We are very grateful for their patience and cooperation and looking out for Sarah's well being.

A thank you to Ms Merin and Mr Rajeev for the free personality development and PE classes as well. Sarah learnt some valuable lessons there. Wishing Xelenz all the best as they continue to equip children for the future.
Priya Sikhamani
Grade 5 Arabic
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