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We welcome you to the boarding area, where, shortly, you will be embarking on an enlightening journey, complete with a holistic experience to an enhanced version of yourself.

Here you will be offered a plethora of choices to satiate your appetite for knowledge and a multitude of solutions to tackle the niggling roadblocks of life.

(July and August)

Introducing our Xelenz Summer Activities! Get ready for a fantastic blend of learning and excitement that will make your Day unforgettable.

Do you want your children to have an amazing and educational holiday?

Our Goal

Our Goal here at XELENZ will always be to strive towards excellence. We are all individuals with limitless possibilities and our organization will help you open doors to those hidden talents and untapped potentials. We have one motto and that is to Level Up.

About US

Our counsellors and educators are handpicked from the cream of the crop and are not just highly qualified individuals in the respective subjects but also trained and experienced in one on one classes and group management. We realize that everyone is unique and hence our team strives to fully comprehend your requirements and cater to your needs while accommodating your distinctive preferences.

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Level Up

Curiosity is encouraged and a thirst for knowledge is always appreciated here.

Our Vision

Our main Vision is to take you through a process where you will be able to optimally utilize the options offered to you in this immersive and interactive experience. With the help of our constant and continuous guidance we will be able to ensure that each child or individual reaches their full potential in literacy, logics, communication, physical development and other creative aspects.


  • Arabic Grade 1 - 10
  • Hindi Grade 1 - 10
  • French Grade 1 - 10
  • Math Grade 1 - 8
  • Advanced Math Grade 9 - 12
  • Science Grade 1 - 8
  • Physics Grade 9 - 12
  • Chemistry Grade 9 - 12

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2 Sessions per week per subject for 1hr duration.

1 Session for fitness and personality development per weeek.

Learn together and grow

Join our curriculum courses for Arabic, French, Hindi, Math and Science...​

We would like to invite you to our curriculum courses for Arabic, French, Hindi, Math and Science.

Get a step-up for the coursework in the school and enable your child to have a better understanding to progress.

What Parents Tell About Us

Encouraging and Aiding

Thank you Xelenz for your support and help rendered to my daughter for the good marks . Ms Febeena has been instrumental in encouraging and aiding her to do well in Arabic. Thank you Ms Febeena for all your support.
Gems Millennium school- Jonathan
Karen Mercy Renjan
Grade 10 Arabic

Dedication and Hard work

Just wanted to put a note of appreciation for Febeena Ma'am for all her dedication and hard work in training my son for his board exam. As a result he was able to score 92 percent in Arabic.
Thank you for all your help. God bless u.
Gems Millennium school- Jonathan
Jonathan Jason Jacob
Grade 10 Arabic

Extremely Supporting and Knowledgeable

Ms. Manika, my daughter's French teacher at Xelenz for Grade 10 has provided excellent service. She took efforts to identify weak areas and focused on supporting her accordingly. In a very short span of time my daughter had leap of improvement in her French score. We have always found the other teachers over the years at Xelenz to be extremely supporting and knowledgeable. We wish all the best to Ms. Manika and Xelenz.
Avni Shetty
Grade 10 French

Valuable Coaching

Dear xelenz education center team,
Thank you for your valuable coaching. It helped my daughter achieve excellent grads in both the subjects chemistry and physics. Your teaching method helped her achieve her grade with much confidence and knowledge
Thank you
Gulf Model School
Shalin Saira Aby
Grade 10 Physics and Chemistry

Thank you for making our child's steps in education so positive.

We would like thank Ms Tanya and Ms Ekta for helping Hailey to understand what she was learning in school. They really put in time and effort in helping her prepare herself for the exams. Thank you for making our child's steps in education so positive.
Emirates National School
Hailey Silva
Grade 10 Physics and Chemistry

The coordination and involvement of the complete team

I am so mindful and thankful to write this here and I wanted to thank each and everyone in excellence team especially his accountancy teacher Ms.Runi who have put her double effort in making him confident to face his exams where he was not even having pass marks until he joined excellence . Now when he passed his exams with 85% marks , I really have no words to thank this team once again . We where too late to join excellence for his classes but you have taken it up in an extremely different way as he could do good in his exams and score good marks .
The coordination and involvement of the complete team really made us confident in his journey .
Please keep your dedicated faculties and dedicated team as an asset to your firm …
Thank you once again from bottom of our heart
Gems new Millenium
Mohammad Fardeen
Grade 12 Accountancy

There is individual attention given

Both Ayesha (Arabic) and Chhavi (Hindi) ma’ams are dedicated & committed to making sure the student has thoroughly understood the lessons and if they see that there are topics that the child is still struggling with, they will continue to re-iterate those topics until it is fully understood.

They are also open to feedback provided to them. They even assist with the worksheets and assignments provided which really takes the load off parents.
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Leena L Arun
Grade 4 Arabic & Hindi

Highly Recommended!!!Online classes are convenient and gives flexible timing. Classes are always on time

My daughter is showing great improvement in Arabic and Hindi. Also scoring well in exams. She is much more confident and shows interest in learning.

Teachers are very friendly and approachable. They're always ready to help, professional and well prepared for the class.
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Grade 4 Arabic

The teacher for Arabic is excellent

She was having trouble to read Arabic and was not able to understand the meanings. But now she is able to read most of the words independently

The teacher for Arabic is excellent. Her teaching style very kind and efficient and hence my daughter always look forward to the classes. And Eva had scored good marks in her last exam.
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Sweatha Rajan
Grade 3 Arabic

The sessions has boosted the confidence of my son

I am so glad that we got a teacher like Ms Sethi, she is capable and extremely helpful, for example:- we had an assignment that needed to be completed in the last minute, although we have a time difference between Uae and India, she took time and helped Shane to complete the speaking activity!

The sessions has boosted the confidence of my son, it would not be possible if we didn’t have an encouraging teacher like Ms Sethi!
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Grade 4 Hindi

Overall Xelenz experience has been excellent. Very helpful in arranging schedules that fit ours

Sarah has been systematically learning Arabic thanks to the very kind and capable teachers she has at Xelence. When we first relocated to AbuDhabi, she found it very hard as the language was new and she had no idea what was happening at school.

Both Mr Abu Bakr and Ms Ayesha were instrumental in provided a strong foundation and helping her look forward to attending Arabic classes in school.
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Priya Sikhamani
Grade 5 Arabic

Teachers are very understanding and the way of teaching is exceptional.

Classes are excellent, the teachers are very understanding and the way of teaching is exceptional.

The maths teacher is very nice. My daughter always looks forward to the maths tuition day.
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Justus George
Grade 7 Maths

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