Advanced Math</br>(Grade 9 to 12)

Advanced Math
(Grade 9 to 12)

We have courses tailormade for children preparing and attending boards. We try to prepare them as much as possible with the help of previous year question papers and problems as well.


Math is incredibly important in our lives. This subject makes a person methodical or systematic. We use mathematical concepts, as well as the skills we learn from doing math problems every day. With the help of a proper understanding of Math, we can nurture qualities such as logical, critical, and spatial thinking, problem solving abilities, creativity and even communication skills. The greatest hurdle in the process of learning math is lack of practice. Importance should be given to the development of clear concept in math starting from the primary stages. We understand that math while loved by many can be intimidating for some. Our teachers will gauge the child’s reception skills accordingly to determine the areas with scope of improvement and shall work towards helping them understand the principles of math efficiently.


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